Company Experiment / by Katelyn Halpern

This Fall I'm experimenting with a dance company model. I haven't done it before and I'm not convinced it's best, but it seems like the right time to give it a shot. In the past I've mostly worked on discrete dance projects, and maybe someday I'll take part in a collective. For now, I'm gathering partners for a company that will develop new work, learn a bit of rep, and work together with me on the business of maintaining a company. 

We've only just started our work together (today we had our first rehearsal!), but before we got into the studio I did a lot of thinking and talking about what I wanted my company to look like. I considered how to bring all parts of myself into it - the open-minded thinker as well as the structure-philic professional. Two documents especially helped me along the way: How to Make Your Life as an Artist and the accompanying workbook, and the Dancers Forum Compact. How To Make Your Life as an Artist gave me some tools to clarify my creative mission and goals (other folks like it for the practical time/money guidance). The Dancers Forum Compact gave me a starting point for communicating my goals/wishes/expectations to the dancers who join me. Both resources came courtesy of the Dancers' Economic Empowerment Program at the Gibney Dance Center in New York.

There's not much of an ending since it's all just begun --