Is this a blog?

After a year and a half of maintaining this website, I still haven't decided what this "News" page should be. Is for cheerful updates? (Quite a lot, yes.) Is it a blog? (??) Should images or text dominate each post? Am I to bring my personal and process thoughts to bear, or stick to show announcements? More and more I'm interested in writing about my creative process and reflecting on what I see in the scene around me, so here's some about the second of those two:

Today, The Field put on a workshop called Activating Equity, all about creating a more equitable arts sector in New York. Renee Watson gave an inspiring keynote address that made me want to do the things she is doing: writing books, taking social justice action in her neighborhood, appearing to stay peaceful in herself, etc. Rachel DeGuzman led a session urging us to commit to specific ways we will disrupt racism with our art work (one of mine is to proofread for accidental or passive racism in my artwork). Wilfredo Hernandez guided us through a(n actually really fun) theater game about power and oppression. Forty or so artists and folks in the arts field joined the day and I left with lots to think (and maybe write) about.

Earlier this month, I attended American Realness' panel/session "Aesthetics Live Within the Structure of Whiteness Just Like We Do," which brought together one of the most badass rooms of artists and administrators I've ever seen. So many arts organizations, and big ones, showed up. It was a great example of people, primarily white people with power and privilege, gathering to discuss the dominance and harmful power of white aesthetics in modern and post modern dance, and to share ways to "do [our] motherfucking work."  I should say, it was also fantastically dance-nerdy; I felt out of my depth and like I had a LOT of reading to do.