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KH&D at NEVER BEFORE, NEVER AGAIN on January 5 by Katelyn Halpern

KH&D has some beautiful structured improvisation in store for you at Triskelion's Never Before, Never Again festival this week! Here's what I have to say about the dance:

Katelyn Halpern & Dancers presents an intimate world of improvised dance in Under the Cover of Night. Twin riverheads of egoless movement and stream-of-consciousness speech propel the dance score and invite tender, joyful performance choices; composer Elliot Cole accompanies the dance with a live, responsive electronic sound score. Under the Cover of Night is part of Katelyn Halpern & Dancers’ ongoing work with language and movement.
Part of the creative team for NBNA, celebrating the birth of 2017

Part of the creative team for NBNA, celebrating the birth of 2017

We'd love to see you there.
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My Company is Wonderful by Katelyn Halpern

The company model is working beautifully. We've been rehearsing for about a month and a half, and so much about the group is going well: my dancers are fantastic to work with, the dances are growing with their own life force, and we are gathering/making opportunities to perform. Plus, we're all doing our best to live up to the expectations we set at the beginning. It's a dream.

Since I always find something to be anxious about, I find myself in the happy (?) situation of being nervous that this sweetness cannot last, and that when it sours it will be my fault. I imagine a future when I will have failed to be sufficiently compassionate, or bold, or creative, or communicative. I have unfortunate daydreams about it being the day of the show but having failed to produce anything worthwhile, or anything period. I talk about my excitement, and yet feel insecure when I'm hanging out with myself.

The wonderful, wonderful part of this is that I don't feel anxious in the studio. I love working with Myssi, Arianna, and Julia, and I feel so fortunate that they keep showing up for our company time. Really, I want to do right by them and their talents. Here's hoping that I can.   

PS: They are performing my piece "Build Up" with six (6!) guest artists at the Your Move Dance Festival on Thursday, October 20th and Saturday, October 22nd. More info at the events page. 


Your Move Dance Festival | Katelyn Halpern & Dancers by Katelyn Halpern

Katelyn Halpern & Dancers presents "Build Up" at the Your Move Dance Festival with guest artists Clara Auguste, Keiry Abril Amparo, Jane Anthony, Rina Espiritu, Jessica Gaby, and Sarah Starkweather. Performances are at the DeBaun Performing Arts Center in Hoboken, NJ, a short walk from the Hoboken PATH station. 
Thursday, October 20 at 8:00pm
Saturday, October 22 at 3:00pm
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Company Experiment by Katelyn Halpern

This Fall I'm experimenting with a dance company model. I haven't done it before and I'm not convinced it's best, but it seems like the right time to give it a shot. In the past I've mostly worked on discrete dance projects, and maybe someday I'll take part in a collective. For now, I'm gathering partners for a company that will develop new work, learn a bit of rep, and work together with me on the business of maintaining a company. 

We've only just started our work together (today we had our first rehearsal!), but before we got into the studio I did a lot of thinking and talking about what I wanted my company to look like. I considered how to bring all parts of myself into it - the open-minded thinker as well as the structure-philic professional. Two documents especially helped me along the way: How to Make Your Life as an Artist and the accompanying workbook, and the Dancers Forum Compact. How To Make Your Life as an Artist gave me some tools to clarify my creative mission and goals (other folks like it for the practical time/money guidance). The Dancers Forum Compact gave me a starting point for communicating my goals/wishes/expectations to the dancers who join me. Both resources came courtesy of the Dancers' Economic Empowerment Program at the Gibney Dance Center in New York.

There's not much of an ending since it's all just begun --