KH&D at NEVER BEFORE, NEVER AGAIN on January 5 by Katelyn Halpern

KH&D has some beautiful structured improvisation in store for you at Triskelion's Never Before, Never Again festival this week! Here's what I have to say about the dance:

Katelyn Halpern & Dancers presents an intimate world of improvised dance in Under the Cover of Night. Twin riverheads of egoless movement and stream-of-consciousness speech propel the dance score and invite tender, joyful performance choices; composer Elliot Cole accompanies the dance with a live, responsive electronic sound score. Under the Cover of Night is part of Katelyn Halpern & Dancers’ ongoing work with language and movement.
Part of the creative team for NBNA, celebrating the birth of 2017

Part of the creative team for NBNA, celebrating the birth of 2017

We'd love to see you there.
Tickets  //  Info  //  Visit Elliot Cole's Website

Two Voices / San Franciscoed <3 by Katelyn Halpern

We did our K A T E S thing last night at Switchboard Presents out in San Francisco. In the set we did some piano banging, some talky-talking, and some dancy-musicky styling. It looked kind of like this --> 

I should also say that on this concert we gave the official world premiere performance of Two Voices, which is a semi-dramatic near-dialog concerning two women trying to talk about their shared past and future. The text is by me and music for prepared digital piano is by my composer collaborator Leila Adu. I started this piece in a bald effort to copy the wonders that I've seen from writer/composer/performer Paul Pinto over the last year; happily, Two Voices turned into something of its own along the way. It's a piece I'm really proud of, and I hope I get to share it with you soon.   

Build Up - March 19 - Biomorphic Dance Festival by Katelyn Halpern

Build Up is a new work about comedy, coincidence and attention. It's a process piece set to stand up by comedian Tig Notaro, and it stands on the shoulders of post-modern giants Trisha Brown and Yvonne Rainer, specifically, their pieces Accumulation and Trio A. Movement research for this work was conducted in October 2015 at Anita's Way, supported in part by a space grant from chashama. Build Up premieres in its full form Saturday, March 19 at the Biomorphic Dance Festival (West End Theater, 263 W 86th St, New York, New York 10024). The show is at 8p and you can find tickets here!

Cast for March 19: Ambika Raina, Ashley Rose, Caroline Lloyd, Destiny Pino, Maddison Hilton, Mariya Paramonova, Parker Grant, and Sarah Kleinke

Holy Cow, I Have a Performance Every Weekend in March by Katelyn Halpern

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